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As a one-woman show, with a fully booked schedule and no receptionist or assistant; please understand that my lines of communication are limited.

Please do not use Instagram or Facebook to contact me; as these are social media platforms and not channels I utilize for communicating booking details and/or inquires.

For Existing Clients:


To speak with me directly, please book a scheduled telephone call on my online booking site.


If you don't require an immediate response with a scheduled call, please expect 10 business days or more for a response to emails and voicemails.


For New Clients:


For tattoo inquires, I am not currently accepting new bookings. Please check back regularly or follow me on Instagram for updates; as I will announce when I will be reopening my books, on these platforms. For more details, locate Single Needle Body Tattooing in my services menu.

For Nanoblading services, please read through the information provided in my services menu, under Nanoblading.

Thank you so much!

Tel: (778) 426 - 4432

9713A Second Street

Sidney, B.C.


V8L 3C3

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