At present, my book is open. I am honoured to have a fully booked schedule two months in advance, but understand this can seem a long way away when you are excited to begin your Fine Line Tattoo or Nanoblading and Eyebrow service. For this reason I do try to keep space available for consultations both personally and via telephone.

Due to the exceptional number of clients booking I cannot maintain any email or messaging conversation with you such as Instagram, Direct Messages or Facebook Messenger. I will communicate regularly with you once we have booked your service.

A description of each type of consult is outlined below. Please click the link to my booking service and choose the appropriate consult for the service you require.

In Person - Nanoblading Consult

20 minutes

CA $30

Are you interest in the benefits of Nanoblading? The difference between Nanoblading and Microblading? This in-person consult will answer all of your questions. If you choose to book during your consultation, the fee will be used towards your deposit for your booking.

Telephone Consultation for Body Tattoos

20 minutes


My books are currently CLOSED for new clients. However, when they reopen it will be during this scheduled telephone consult, we will discuss many factors that go into a tattoo, including body placement, size, design features and an estimated cost based on your preferences. All tattoo appointments require a telephone consultation prior to booking; for both new and returning clients. I look forward to speaking with you.

Telephone Query for Nanoblading/ Brow Services

10 minutes


During this scheduled telephone consult, I can answer any questions you have regarding Nanoblading or other Brow Services offered! All Nanoblading appointments for new clients, require a telephone consultation prior to booking. I look forward to speaking with you!

Scheduled Call to book a Service

5 minutes


During this scheduled telephone call, we can book your appointment for a Brow or Tattoo Services. This is the only way to book a Nanoblading service. Please do not use Instagram Direct Messages or Facebook Messenger to contact me; as these are social media platforms and not channels I utilize for contact. This is to avoid "telephone tag", missed messages, confusion or delayed responses. THIS IS NOT A CONSULTATION. Please book a Telephone Consultation if you have any questions regarding a service.

Tel: (778) 426 - 4432

9713A Second Street

Sidney, B.C.


V8L 3C3

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