Single-needle & Fine Line Body Tattooing


Fine line and single needle tattooing is a highly specialized and cutting-edge technique that delivers flawless finish and perfect definition. 

Single needle tattoos are characterized by the high levels of detail that can be achieved in comparatively small designs. Modern, single needle tattoos use an approach that is reminiscent of pencil drawings, with airbrush-like, smooth shading and hyper-realistic details. The precise and detailed appearance is polar opposite to the usual bold lines and bright colors found in the traditional tattoos. 

This form of tattoo is also the best choice for those who want their next ink to be more discreet yet sophisticated and favour ultra-realism and simplicity.


I offer a variety of beautiful colours but my speciality is black and white designs - particularly animals, botanicals, and script. 

Whether you’re looking to ink a special quote or favorite phrase, adorn your arm with a gorgeous flower motif, or pay homage to a favorite pet, I can help make your vision a reality with my customized designs.