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First Tattoo

Her first tattoo on her 70th Birthday!! Yes her 70th birthday.

My lovely client was so nervous to get a tattoo, but wanted these symbols for many years. Finally on her 70th Birthday she decided to ๐†๐Ž ๐…๐Ž๐‘ ๐ˆ๐“!

We did each symbol in a separate appointment, as she was nervous to do it all at once.

I am so honoured she choose me as her artist, and for the friendship weโ€™ve made ๐Ÿค

If you live in or near Victoria BC on beautiful Vancouver Island and have been wanting a tattoo and are feeling, nervous, undecided or unsure what tattoo you want as your first tattoo I promise to answer all your questions, listen with an understanding heart, and design your dream tattoo. It doesn't matter you age. The first tattoo is always the one you will be most nervous about. Contact me and we can discuss the design of you Fine line tattoo.


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